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Example #1 - Hypertension Powerpoint

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What is a hypertensive crisis?
Severely elevated blood pressure

What are the two categorizations of a hypertensive crisis?
Hypertensive Urgency and Hypertensive Emergency

Which organs are most affected by a hypertensive emergency?
Brain, kidney, heart and lungs

What are some symptoms of a hypertensive crisis?
Confusion, drowsiness, chest pain and breathlessness

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Example #2 - Battles of the American Revolution PDF

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What sparked the beginning of the American Revolution?
Battles of Lexington and Concord

When did the American Revolution begin?
April 1775

Who wanted to gain control of the Charles and Mystic Rivers?
British troops

What was the Battle of Trenton?
Washington's surprise attack on Hessian soldiers in Trenton

How many men did General Prescott station on the hill the night before the battle?
1200 men

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Example #3 - Peregrine Falcon Notes Word Document

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Generated Flashcards

What is the origin of the Peregrine Falcon?
Member of Falconidae family

What is the historical name for the Peregrine Falcon in North America?
Duck Hawk

Where can Peregrine Falcons be found?
Everywhere except extreme polar regions, high mountains, and most tropical rainforests

What is the primary diet of Peregrine Falcons?
Medium-sized birds

What is the maximum recorded speed of a diving Peregrine Falcon?
242 Miles per hour

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